mia&j 19 The Butter Cookie Mini Collection

₹ 150
A lovely & assorted cookie collection, a mini cookie collection, & a peek into some of Mia&J's flavours. This is a collection of the vanilla shortbread, the fibre cookie, the adrak ki chai biscuit, t's chocolate cookie, & the sesame biscuit. A wonderful gift!

Two cookies are packed neatly into a beautiful laminate pouch, which preserves impeccably both flavour and aroma, & a box of 19 the mini cookie collection contains five pouches.

THE INGREDIENTS. Every cookie is made the way it should be, with butter: the vanilla shortbread contains five ingredients only, the fibre cookie is the digestive biscuit made with wholewheat & oat flours, butter (not cheap palm oil), & milk, the adrak ki chai biscuit is crunchy & spiced, t's chocolate cookie is when a bar of dark chocolate became a cookie, & the sesame biscuit is a salty, golden brown biscuit with white & black sesame seeds.


Mia&J are makers of all that is natural, pure, honest & beautiful in confectionery. Every cookie is free of added flavours, colours, artificial sweeteners, stabilisers, hydrogenated fats, & preservatives. Which is why no two cookies are exactly the same. Their products are baked every day in a sparkling factory in Gurgaon where they are obsessively attentive to detail.

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