Get Artisanal Salad Dressings by Arugula & Co. home delivered

Arugula & Co. was founded by Niharika Goenka who holds a Master's degree in Nutrition from the University of Columbia. Niharika has curated a variety of artisanal salad dressings that are healthy, with no preservatives and full of nutrients. Each variant uses ingredients that are organic, natural and locally sourced. To make it simpler for you and the cook in the kitchen, each product has recommendations for vegetable pairings that come in English and in Hindi." Arugula & Co. is a health food start-up that has a single point agenda: to help you #eatmoreveggies. From her first diet at the age of thirteen, Niharika has had every protein shake, gone on every diet, and even completed a Masters in Nutrition from Columbia University, only to stumble on simple truths: nutritious food is that which is closest to its original form, ingredients you don’t recognize are not food, and lastly, flavor satiates, food never does. Arugula & Co. is the story of Niharika’s fifteen-year journey to better health. Feeding people is serious business. While farming practices have evolved to maximize profits and production, Arugula & Co. makes an extra effort to partner with quality farmers, who are as committed to their crop and our planet, as you are to your body. They prepare delicious artisanal salad dressings using ingredients from local farmers, who grow food in healthy soil. These agronomists, who constitute 51% of our country's population but contribute only 18% of GDP, are given their fair share of profit. These products are designed to be an everyday food on your path to better well-being. They strongly believe that preservatives, additives, colorings, and flavorings are not food. You will never find ingredients that you don’t recognize on Arugula & Co labels. Eating in tune with your body doesn’t have to be boring. More often than not we miss flavors rather than food. So, Arugula & Co. is here to light the way to richer flavors, deeply satisfying meals, and healthier lifestyles. Arugula & Co. is 100% plant-based although all their artisanal salad dressings also pair fantastically well with meat. They believe that good food starts from organic soil, and organic soil is found in natural, uninterrupted ecosystems. They found them, curated them, visited them, and studied them, before sourcing and serving. They read the fine print of food production so that you don’t have to. They take pride in the fact that they cook everything in-house. They always wanted to be a part of the solution, so they spent time finding the most sustainable packaging, sourcing from the most sustainable sources, and selling in the most responsible ways. Provenance Gifts is happy to bring you the Arugula & Co. range of artisanal salad dressings that make the perfect gift for the health conscious folks in your life.

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