Bloombombs Succulent Trio

₹ 1,999

This product is available for delivery only in Mumbai.
Looking for a unique gift? Look no further than this succulent trio - three charming succulents nestled in a rustic handmade wooden tray! From the perfectly rose-shaped Echeveria to the brown-tipped Panda Plant and the flower-shaped Sedum, they are the perfect addition to a windowsill or workstation.

Completely fuss free, succulents require minimal watering.

You will receive:

  • Three potted succulents and decorative pebbles
  • Three handmade ceramic pots
  • Wooden tray
  • Bloombombs Dry Flower handmade greeting card with your personal message


Christine Langstieh founded Bloombombs. She has over 10 years of experience as a lawyer and an international compliance consultant but at the heart of it all, is her love and passion for flowers. Christine has trained extensively in floral artistry and design at the renowned London Flower School.  Bloombombs is mindful of the impact the floral industry has on our environment. The team at Bloombombs works to minimize packaging and prioritize locally-grown flowers. Their goal is to deliver beautiful flowers and bouquets at minimal cost to the environment.

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