The Daily Gourmet

Eggless Chocolate Cake Mix

₹ 215
Delicious, soft & spongy cake or cupcakes make for a perfect celebration, tea-time snack or even an instant dessert. Ideas and recipe for icings and cupcakes are given on the pack. Baking is quick and super easy: Mix, pour, bake! Egg-free cake mix: just add milk and butter. For a vegan option add olive oil and almond milk to replace butter and milk.Makes an 8-inch round chocolate cake. No Preservatives. No Colour. No additive. Handmade with organic flour in the foothills of the Himalayas!


Masterchef Radhicka produces her range of Gourmet Ingredients and Premixes under the brand name 'The Daily Gourmet'. Her range of products are aimed at making your everyday cooking easy and eotic. All her products are preservative free and handmade in the Himalayas.

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