Entisi Chocolate Modaks - Box of 12

₹ 895
This box contains 12 pieces of limited edition Saffron Pistachio & Tender Coconut modaks. These modaks are centre filled chocolates with exquisite colours and rich creamy chocolate ganache centre.

6 x Saffron Pisatchio
Made with a soothing interplay of powerful saffron, cardamom and homemade authentic pistachio paste in a creamy chocolate ganache.

6 x Tender Coconut
Encased in 60% dark chocolate shell and filled with chocolate ganache made with the perfect blend of white chocolate and tender coconut.


Entisi is the brainchild of Nikki Thakker an Economist by training whose dream it was to create a chocolate brand that India could be proud of. Nikki trained extensively with master chocolatiers, a chocolate making academy in Belgium and some of the finest Chefs in Italy. Entisi sources the finest cacao beans in the world and manufactures its chocolate in it's state of the art Chocolate Factory.

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