The Whole Truth Fig Apricot And Orange Energy Bar

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What do you get when fig, apricot and orange walk into a bar? A flavour explosion!

100% Plant-Based: The Cleanest Fuel - but for your body. Everything that goes into these bars was once part of a plant.

Just 4-5 Ingredients: We declare all our ingredients proudly - upfront!

Vegan, dairy free, no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives, no gluten or soy, no added flavor or color, no hidden marks.

We only make real food. With ingredients you can pronounce. Nothing made in a chemistry lab.


The Whole Truth Food was founded by Shashank, who started his fitness journey at over 100kgs, 15 years ago.  In the decade that followed, he taught himself fitness, lost 40kgs, ran several marathons, and helped many friends and colleagues get onto the fitness bandwagon. After all the years of research and self-experimentation, he believes there’s only one universal food truth - good food is made of good ingredients. This is what led him to found The Whole Truth Food. Their purpose is simple - to make food so clean that they can proudly declare every single ingredient that goes into it, upfront.
  • Additional Information

    Manufacturer: ‎The Whole Truth
    Country of origin : India
    Product : Bars & Snack Bites
    Net Weight : 40g