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A nutty ultra dark coffee with notes of roasted hazelnuts and marzipan. This Vienna roast coffee brews a delicious black coffee.

Higher elevation of this coffee farm and rich soil present here produces a more flavourful cup of coffee compared to lower elevation farms. This coffee has also won the ‘Best Indian Arabica Fine Cup’ award in 2017.

Region: Yercaud, Tamil Nadu
Process: Washed Parchment
Altitude: 4400 Feet
Best with: Espresso, French Press, South Indian Filter, Moka Pot, Electric Brewer
Cupper's Notes: Roasted Hazelnuts and Marzipan


Koinonia is a Mumbai based craft-coffee purveyor and roaster. The company was founded by two coffee connoisseurs- Australian and French, who moved to India to share their passion.  Koinonia coffee is roasted in a top-of-the-line Probat roaster to create unique roast profiles that either highlight or layer the inherent flavors of each hand selected Indian coffee bean.
  • Additional Information

    Manufacturer: Koinonia Coffee Pvt. Ltd.
    Country of origin : India
    Product : Coffee

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