Pahadi Local

Pahadi Local Hibicus Tea

₹ 850

Hibiscus flower brings its characteristic pink liquor to this tea. Can be consumed as a cold brew with lemon, mint and honey. Rich in vitamin A and C and beta-carotene making it a good antioxidant. Hibiscus is known to replace electrolytes and ease symptoms of common cold and flu. All Pahadi Local teas are natural and locally sourced from Leh, Ladakh & the Kangra Valley. They are carefully handpicked and sorted by women of the region who are in turn empowered by this opportunity to offer you the goodness of the hills.


Pahadi Local was started by Jessica Jayne, a Bombay girl who moved to Shimla. The brand’s core philosophy is of giving back to the Himalayas. The brand was launched in 2015, after months of visiting orchards and understanding the local wellness products of the simple pahadi people.

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