Protein Bake Shop

Protein Bake Shop Coconut Truffles - 60g

₹ 395

This hamper is available for delivery in MUMBAI ONLY!

Indulge in delicious truffles for breakfast or as a snack any time in the day. This nut-free combination helps you heal your gut and give you sustained energy.


Protein Bake Shop was founded in 2013 by Rashi Chowdhary, a nutritionist, and her partner Saad Umerani, a passionate foodie on a mission to make healthy eating a lifestyle and not a compromise. The team at PBS has created each product to balance macros and great taste so that their treats become a part of your daily life and not just a cheat meal. The ingredients used in these products are great for your gut, hormones, waistline and taste buds.

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