Provenance Gifts

The Amber Book Box (Large)

₹ 2,995

This festive season, Royce' brings to you a limited edition collection, in collaboration with Gaurav Gupta one of India's leading fashion designers. Inspired by the magic of storytelling, the collection explores the elements of a fantasy forest that come together in harmony to narrate a spectacular story of hope, light and joy. 

Capturing the hues of a glorious sunrise, the Amber Book Box exudes joy and splendor. The ideal gift for every festivity, This gift box includes:
35 pieces of ROYCE’s bestselling chocolates including Nutty Bar Chocolate and Aroma Chocolate.
Pure Chocolate (10 pcs) | Prafeuille Chocolat (10 pcs) | Chocolate Wafers (4 pcs) | Nutty Bar Chocolate (3 pcs) | Aroma Chocolate (4pcs) | Coffee Chocolate (4 pcs)

Each gift box is designed to resemble a vintage leather-bound storybook and includes a special poem about embracing hope and coming out of darkness into the light, a befitting message for this festive season. The boxes are meant to celebrate life and all the festivities surrounding it, in the most beautiful and memorable way.

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