The Mumbai Local Box

₹ 2,015

Our favourite gourmet gifts sourced from our very own local home-grown Bombay brands.

This gift box includes:

  • Ether Spread (Either Strawberry, Rhubarb & Lychee Compote OR Wild Blueberry & Blackberry Preserve)
  • Any 1 variant of Arugula & Co. Salad Dressing (Wasabi + Togarashi/ Chilly + Jaggery/ Cashew + Mustard/ Peanut + Lime/ Cinnamon   and Sumac/ Balsamic + Olive Oil)
  • Eat-A-Whey Granola (Either Cinnamon OR Protein Chocolate OR Protein Hazelnut)
  • Urban Mom Cinnamon Spiced Peanut Butter
  • Naagin Hot Sauce (Either Original OR Bhoot)
  • Collector's Box (Medium)


The Provenance range of products is a showcase of some of the finest locally produced, small batch artisanal foods. Each product has been selected, sourced and checked by our in-house team of epicureans.

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