The Notting Hill Bakery

Vanilla Brioche Doughnuts - Pack of 6

₹ 1,170MRP (incl. of taxes)

Light, fluffy, crispy and golden brown doughnuts stuffed with a delicious nutella filling.

6 pcs| Contains Egg

Available for pre-order and delivery ONLY in Mumbai. Minimum 48 hours pre-order. Please leave your message, preferred delivery date and time in the comment box when you add the product to the cart. Call 9833411553 for more information


Noor Mubarak, a Le Cordon Bleu graduate and pastry chef, found her calling when the pandemic struck. She decided to turn the newly found extra time and opportunity to start baking. The proceeds went towards helping migrants struggling to make their way back home. Months later she launched The Notting Hill Bakery in 2020. Growing up in London around Notting Hill influenced her new venture and hence the name 'The Notting Hill Bakery.

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