Diwali Festive Collection 2021

With Diwali around the corner, Provenance introduces an indulgent collection of Diwali gift hampers that celebrate the seasons' colors and festivities. From premium leather trays to Diwali gift baskets and Diwali boxes, each hamper has been designed to showcase independent specialty brands that offer authentic and high-quality products.

The plethora of options means there is something for everyone this Diwali – chocolate lovers, tea connoisseurs, coffee lovers, fitness enthusiasts as well as those who prefer milk, white, dark, vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free or organic chocolate gift baskets or gift boxes.

A bit about the new Provenance gift box collection-

Introducing the new Master Stroke Gift Box. Inspired by canvases of expressionist artists; this box is dressed in bold, bright colors and textures that evoke a unique sense of mystery and joie-de-vivre (the joy of living). Surprise your loved one with handpicked gourmet goodness presented in this artistic festive box.


 Introducing the new Magnum Opus Gift Box soaked in poetic pastel hues and the warmth of light. Inspired by the artistic mastery of the honeycomb, the hexagonal shape is symmetrical and efficient, leaves no wasted space that means more space to fill up the gift box with the finest gourmet delicacies for your family and loved ones!

 Excerpts from the 2021 Festive collection:


1 Festive Treasure Gift Bag:

Sometimes a simple gift is the most thoughtful gift. Gift a classic selection of gourmet nuts and dried fruits from Provenance. The Festive treasure gift bag retails for Rs 740/-. Buy now.



2 Diwali Collection Gift Box:

Whether you are thinking of gifting this hamper to your family or friends, they are bound to love this beautifully curated hamper. This Diwali indulgence Diwali gift box includes an assortment of nuts, cookies, chocolates, and toffees from Provenance, La Folie, Darkins, and Le Pure. The Diwali indulgence box retails for Rs 3055/-



3 The Diwali Selection Gift Box:

Diwali celebrations are incomplete without sweet treats. This Deepavali gift box is packed with an assortment of nuts, chocolates, and dried fruits from Provenance, ROYCE’, Maxim’s, and Bruijn. The Diwali selection gift box retails for Rs 3652/-. Buy now



The Bold & Beautiful Gift Tray:

The leather trays are so stunning that they bring a sense of a majestic Diwali aura to them. This gift includes an assortment of nuts, chocolates, dried fruits, candles from Provenance, ROYCE’, Maxim’s, Willie’s Cacao, Bruijn, and Misa . This gift tray retails for Rs 7080/-. Buy now.

 Diwali Chocolate Hamper


The Diwali Celebration Gift Basket:

If you are looking for something that feels luxurious, then feast your eyes on this luxury Diwali gift hamper. One that is bound to be a head turner. It includes an assortment of coffee, chocolates, pralines, moka pot, tea, cookies from Provenance, ROYCE’, Maxim’s, Love Cocoa, Willie’s Cacao, Protein Bakeshop, Bialetti, Celeste and La Folie. This basket retails for Rs 10,414/-. Buy now.

 Diwali gift basket


The Festival Of Lights Gift Tray:

The most after sought gift hamper that is sure to bring light & joy to your loved one. This unique Diwali hamper includes an assortment of moka pot, chocolates, coffee, tea from Bialetti, Maxim’s, Bili Hu and Celeste. This gift tray retails for Rs 10,969/-. Buy now.

Diwali gift tray

 Walk in at any of our Provenance stores & our gift stylists are trained to custom-make and personalize Diwali gifts. Guests can curate a gift as per their budget and preferences. Additional services like home delivery of gifts, customized packaging, branded message cards, ribbons, etc. make Provenance a one-stop shop for all your unique Diwali gifting needs. Whether you live in India or abroad, you can send Diwali gourmet hampers to your loved ones without a hitch.

Years of experience have made them experts in the art of hamper building. With so many delicious things at their disposal, creating exceptional hampers comes easily to them. However, they don't just haphazardly choose treats and stuff them into any embellished box. The Provenance gift concierge is always thinking outside the box, to curate products, and inventive ways they might be enjoyed.