Maaticha Wildflower Honey

₹ 285
Maaticha Wild Flower Honey is a multifloral honey, responsibly collected from bees feeding on wild forest flowers nectar. It is locally sourced from tribal bee-keepers in the Western Ghats, Maharashtra. The honey is rich in bio-diverse vitamins, minerals and amino-acids, boosting good health.

100% Natural | Ayurvedic | Forest to Table | No Added Sugar.


Maaticha means ‘from the soil’. Maaticha is a third generation family-run farm that uses traditional, natural farming techniques to bring farm-to-table produce to an urban audience. They connect with tribal beekepers across the country, to find pure single-origin, monofloral honeys which have the properties of the particular plant and flower, through its nectar. Their honey produce comes from The Kazi Farm, located just outside Ainghar village, Raigad- nestled in the biodiverse forest-rich Western Ghats.

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