No. 3 Clive Road

No. 3 Clive Road Assam Tea

₹ 995

This full leaf black tea is grown in Assam, the largest tea growing area in the world. Most tea is grown in the hilly and mountainous areas of India but, unusually, Assam tea is grown in the lowlands. The nutrient-rich clay soil found in the floodplain of the mighty Brahmaputra River gives Assam tea its brisk, malty flavour and vibrant colour. Assam tea is best had without any milk or sugar.


No. 3 Clive Road was founded by Radhika Chopra in early 2015 in her family home (No. 3 Clive Road) in New Delhi. The brand specialises in hand blended teas and bespoke locally produced accessories, and celebrates the elegance of an old-world, bygone era.

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