No. 3 Clive Road

No. 3 Clive Road Nilgiri Tea

₹ 995MRP (incl. of taxes)

This loose-leaf tea originates from the Nilgiri Blue Mountains in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The high altitude combined with fragrant Eucalyptus trees grown in close proximity to the tea gardens gives Nilgiri tea its dark colour, intense flavour and aroma. Nilgiri tea is best had without any milk or sugar.

Net Weight: 100g


No. 3 Clive Road was founded by Radhika Chopra in early 2015 in her family home (No. 3 Clive Road) in New Delhi. The brand specialises in hand blended teas and bespoke locally produced accessories, and celebrates the elegance of an old-world, bygone era.

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