Soft Spot Foods

Soft Spot Foods- Mozzarella Cheese

₹ 395MRP (incl. of taxes)
Available for delivery ONLY in Mumbai. Vegan Mild Cheese is 100% plant-based cheese made with cashew nuts and coconut oil for a rich and creamy cruelty-free treat. This cheese was   curated keeping in mind all pizza lovers.

Lactose Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free.
Net Weight: 200g


Anushi Patel spent more than 15 months formulating vegan cheeses that is fit enough to be devoured on a cheese platter. After trying vegan cheeses from around the world to see what works and what doesn't,  Anushi set up Mumbai based vegan creamery Soft Spot Foods that now produces a range of plant based cheeses for vegans.

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