Easter Gift Basket Ideas: Creative Gift Ideas for Kids and Adults

It’s the season to put your creative hats on and give ‘eggs and bunny cookies’ a fun makeover! It’s Easter time after all! It is one of the most exciting holidays of the year where you get along with your favorite cousins, friends, and family to plan amusing activities like creative egg hunts, DIY Easter egg painting activities, and other "egg-citing" crafts. Well, this time you can add a new activity to the list: Gifting your loved ones luxuriously rich Easter gift baskets with amazing Easter goodies like Easter eggs, Easter cookies, and much more!

Explore unique Easter gift basket ideas at Provenance Gifts. It's a place that has plenty of Easter Gift Baskets, Hampers, Boxes, and more. These Easter Gift Hampers come packed with internationally artisanal chocolates, scrumptious cookies, delightfully delicious waffles, sugar-free dragees, and more. Whether you are interested in giving multiple hampers or a single basket of delicacies, Provenance has all the gifts packed and ready for you to explore. 

Easter is the perfect time to gift all our friends, regardless of their chocolate preferences. Whether they're health-conscious, fitness enthusiasts, pure chocolate lovers, or fans of exotic foods, Provenance has affordable gift options for everyone. You don't need to scour four different locations to find the perfect gift - we have an exclusive and curated list of Easter gift baskets. Let us look at some options that fit your bill wisely, here is a list of Easter Gift ideas based on reasonable price ranges:

Simple-but-sweet Easter Gift ideas under 1000: Easter gifts don't have to be extravagant to be sweet. When it comes to simple yet indulgent options, nothing tops Easter eggs. Provenance offers a decadent selection of Chocolate Easter Eggs in just Rupees 400 that are sure to impress your loved ones and leave them feeling pampered. For an added touch of elegance, opt for the Chocolate Easter Eggs Nest. This exquisite nest features an assortment of six delectable eggs, each filled with a luscious blend of salted caramel and almond praline for an unforgettable taste of heavenly chocolate. With every bite, your loved ones will be showered with the warmest wishes of the season.

Easter Gift Basket under 1000:

Maxim’s Waffles

Maxim's Waffle

Maxim’s Waffles, partially coated with chocolate make for the perfect Easter indulgence. It works out great if you are looking to gift an Easter egg that is not completely made out of chocolate or marzipan. They also pair perfectly with ice cream for Easter dessert. Another option is to build your own Easter dessert tray with an assortment of dragees that resemble Dragees that resemble mini easter eggs. 


Easter Treats Gift Box:

Easter Treat Gift Box

The Easter Treats Gift Box is priced under 1100 Rupees, making it an affordable yet extravagant gift that is filled with numerous surprises and abundant love. The box includes an assortment of Easter Cookies, Lollipops, Dragee Jars, and more, which allow you to set up a lavish spread of Easter delicacies and enjoy a sweet get-together with your loved ones.

The Box of Easter Cookies

Easter Cookies

The Box of Easter Cookies, priced under 1800 Rupees, is a perfect delight for those who love to indulge in treats. It not only brings the joy of deliciousness to your table but also conveys your sweet wishes for the season. The cookies are skillfully crafted in the shape of bunnies with vanilla flavor and fondant decoration, making them an ideal surprise for Easter.

The Easter Brunch Basket 

Easter Bruch Gift Basket
The Easter Brunch Basket makes for a perfect breakfast hamper that can be enjoyed on Easter Sunday along with your loved ones. It features a variety of jams, nut butter, granola, gourmet tea, pancake mixes, craft coffee, and more. This gift basket is a true delight for a morning person.

Easter Gifts under 2000:

Assorted Box of Maxim’s Lace Crepes

Maxim's Assorted Crepes

Assorted Box of Maxim’s Lace Crepes, contains 24  individually wrapped crepes coated in dark and milk chocolate. Maxim’s Speculoos Chocolate Biscuit features 16 crunchy cinnamon biscuits covered in indulgent milk chocolate. Easter Treats Gift Box, it’s one of the most charming Easter Gift Baskets out there. It comes packed with Easter egg cookies, Coffee pecan dragees jar, an Easter lollipop, and a treasure bag too!

The Easter Brunch Basket 

Easter Baskter Brunch

The Easter Brunch Basket exudes an aura of extravagance, offering the finest selection of Easter gifts for under 6000 Rupees. Featuring a plethora of lavish surprises such as maple syrup, pancake mix, cinnamon jam, hot chocolate mix, and more, it provides endless possibilities to make your loved ones feel special and indulged on this joyous occasion.

Entisi Sugar-free Hazelnut Dragees Jar

Entisi Hazelnut Dragees

Entisi Sugar-free Hazelnut Dragees Jar for those who are concerned about the sugar content of chocolates. Whether it is your parents or friends, these dragees will make their day while adding to the Easter spirit!

Add a touch of innovation to your Easter Gift Ideas! Explore luxurious Easter gift basket ideas to surprise your loved ones and have an eggcellent festive weekend! Once you head over to the eStore of Provenance, you will be able to find easy and colorful Easter gift ideas that suit all your requirements. Moreover, they have reasonable and trustworthy shipping policies in place. Depending on the city of the address to be delivered, your order should take anywhere between 24 hours to 5 days.