10 Unique Eid Gift Ideas To Surprise Your Loved Ones

The end of the Holy month of Ramadan brings us the joy of Eid. With the Iftar party in full swing and delicious snacks spread out on the table, Eid celebrations can become even more joyous when we share gifts with our loved ones. But, have you thought of unique Eid gift ideas for this year that will truly impress the giftee?

Here are 10 most promising gift ideas for Eid that are truly mind blowing, luxurious, and immensely thoughtful.  


1 Make the Dates Count


Giving dates during Iftar is one of the most auspicious ways of wishing! With these gourmet dates that are topped with almonds and pistachio, you can add a spark of luxury to the celebration. This rich, premium surprise from Provenance is a delicious treat for everyone, kids and adults alike. This is one of the best, traditional Eid gifts for family and relatives.

2 Go Cakelicious!


Celebrations feel incomplete without cutting a cake. Carry this Almond Orange Cake handcrafted by artists. It is a delicious and citrusy, gluten-free tea cake made with organic Valencia oranges, almond meal, and smooth intense dark chocolate to end the Iftar on a sweet note. 

3 Get Everything Festive 


This Eid gift hamper from Provenance is an amazing option - with branded chocolates, nuts, almonds, tea, and more, you can make the Iftar go extravagant with delicious gourmet goodies. Each surprise in this hamper is sourced from the finest brands across the world, with an amazing option to personalize with a gift note.

4 Share Ramadan Wishes


This amazing hamper from Provenance is one the best Eid gift ideas for friends. It has rich, fulfilling nuts, chocolates, and praline sourced from exotic locations around the world, which makes it a surprise worth sharing for the culmination of the holy month of Ramadan. Add a personal note to make it extraordinary for the recipient! 

5 Wish Good Health 


A healthy surprise for Eid is a great gift everyone will love! With this beautiful Health Basket, bring in some luxury and health to your celebrations. Packed with a variety of high-quality, nutritious snacks and wellness products, it is sure to please health-conscious individuals. The basket includes an assortment of crackers and snacks, dried fruits, dragees, and truffles. This gift is not only a great way to celebrate Eid but also to inspire healthy habits and encourage self-care.

6 Par-tea with Everyone


Looking for some amazing Eid gift ideas for adults? The Tea Connoisseur Box from Provenance will turn your Eid get together into the most indulgent tea party of the year. It features a beautifully crafted assortment of teas that are sure to impress even the most discerning tea connoisseurs. The box includes a variety of tea blends, delicious branded chocolates, and a pack of honey for a touch of sweetness. It's a perfect addition to any Eid celebration and a thoughtful way to show someone how much you care.

7 Go Celebration Mode 


This Eid gift hamper from Provenance will make your Eid celebrations a grand event. The hamper includes organic teas, delicious chocolates, gourmet dragees, and elegant toffees. The beautiful packaging and presentation make it a perfect gift to add some luxury to the Eid celebrations. Overall, this gift hamper is a perfect combination of indulgence and elegance that will add an extra touch of celebration to the Eid festivities.

8 Deliver Deliciousness 


This grand Indulgence Gift Box from Provenance is the perfect way to deliver deliciousness to loved ones far from home during Eid celebrations. This beautifully packaged gift box includes a variety of mouth-watering snacks and sweets, including artisanal chocolates, and roasted nuts. The thoughtfully curated selection of treats is sure to delight and remind recipients of the warm and festive spirit of Eid, even from afar.

9 Post Some Flowers


The Fleurs de Vin from Provenance is one of the best Eid gift ideas for friends to send your warm wishes far from home. This gift is a thoughtful way to express love and care, and the elegant packaging ensures that it arrives safely and beautifully presented. The Fleurs de Vin is a perfect choice to bring a touch of nature, beauty, and sophistication to the Eid celebrations of those who are far away.

10 Send a Grand Surprise 


Imagine your colleague or friend has invited you to join their Iftar celebrations and you have no clue what gift to bring along with you! Will you get nuts and dates or go for chocolates? We suggest going for this elegant gift basket that’s a sure win! This basket is filled with an indulgent assortment of treats, including gourmet chocolates, dried fruits, nuts, and more. Truly special for a superb Iftar party!


Celebrating with these magnificent Eid gift ideas will surely make this occasion a memorable one for your family and friends. With Provenance, be assured that your friends and family will receive the finest quality presents right at their doorstep anywhere in India.